Christmas On A Budget: How To Spend Less And Still Give Great Gifts

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Christmas Gifts

We love Christmas for so many reasons, but not everything is jolly. Even though we love giving and receiving presents, we don’t love spending a lot of money on gifts. Here are some ideas to help you save money during Christmas without reducing the quality of the gifts you give.


Shop Early

One of the keys to saving a lot of money at Christmas time is to shop all year-round and not just right before the holiday. You can save money by thinking ahead and taking advantage of great deals or sales whenever you find them.

You might find a very inexpensive item or something on clearance, and it could be used as a Christmas present for someone on your list. Buy it now while you have the chance to save, and just store it in a closet until Christmas rolls around.

As you prepare your shopping list and your trips to the mall, keep in mind, those people in your life or those you will encounter who rely on tips.


Compare Prices

People who save money, especially on big purchases, do so by shopping around and comparing prices before they buy anything.

You will almost always save if you resist the temptation to buy on a whim and instead wait until you can compare the price of the same item elsewhere. Sometimes a quick online search can yield a lower price, and sometimes you can even show the lower price to another store and challenge them to meet or beat it.


Look for Rebates and Gift Cards

There are so many opportunities out there to save money, and you just have to know where to look for them. Websites like reward you with cash back by just signing up for an account and making online purchases. Some of your favourite stores could offer 5% or more cash back through sites like this.

Also look for deals in stores such as a gift card for $10 when you spend $100. Take those savings into consideration to see if a good deal can be better.


DIY Presents

One of the best ways to save money and give a great gift is by making it yourself. Homemade gifts are cherished at Christmas time. The dedication, creativity, and effort you put into making the gift really demonstrates how much you care about the person you’re giving it to. DIY presents don’t have to be large or expensive, and they can be just about anything at all. There are so many ideas for DIY presents, so here are just a few to get you started.

Bake large batches of Christmas cookies as gifts and put them into inexpensive, decorative boxes. Paint or embellish a plain, wooden picture frame and place a meaningful photo inside. Follow a pattern to knit a scarf or a blanket. Make a scrapbook with photos and mementos.

There are endless possibilities for DIY presents, and there are so many ideas that you can find online, especially through sites like Pinterest. Even something as simple as making a homemade card can be an excellent way to raise the value of an inexpensive gift significantly in the eyes of the person receiving it.


About The Author:

Stacey Margaret is a mother of 5 and holiday veteran who loves to blog about anything from healthy snacks to setting a suitable Christmas budget.

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5 Ways To Look Younger With Style

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Beautiful Woman

Clothes are great for boosting our spirits and helping us focus on the better aspects of our body. It is important that we find ways to use fashion to compliment our body shape and our age.

That still doesn’t mean that you can’t look refreshed and young; you just need to do it so that you don’t dress up like a 15-year old even though you are 40.Here are five clever ways to look younger and doing it in style.


1. Well-Fitting Jeans

One problem that women have when they age is that they forget about their bottoms. They get Lycra jeans because they are comfy and soft and keep using them until they fall to pieces. This sort of sagginess can quickly add years to your look and make you look younger.

Always find jeans that fit your body perfectly. You can find them in every material as long as you just make sure you spend enough time finding the right fit for you. And don’t stick to the same pair forever either.


2. The Perfect Bra

You should also spend some time and money in finding just the right bra for you. A well-supported bust can really make your waist look smaller, which will automatically take years off your look.

There are so many good high street shops that offer support in finding the right bra. Don’t be shy about asking help either. These people are trained to help you and if someone is rude to you just walk to the next shop with your credit card (that’ll teach them!).


3. Slim Shoes

It seems that as women get older they tend to opt for shoes that are either completely flat or have really heavy heels. Both of them can easily make your style look heavy and add years to your look.

It is much better option to go with slim and light heels. You don’t need them to be very high heels either, just add some heel to bring you a little bit more posture. If you do want to wear flats then make sure you go with a lightweight look.


4. Bold Colours

It is also necessary that you don’t just start using boring plain colours as you age. Adding a bold colour to your look can instantly bring more energy to your look and transform you to look much younger.

Don’t go overboard with your colour choices. Tone your look down by using more plain colours while adding some bolder elements to the look. For instance, get some simple black or navy blue pants and wear them together with bright yellow or red tops. When you are buying wholesale clothes, for example, always find new colour combinations you can use.


5. Take Care Of Makeup

You can also add more youth to your look with your makeup choices. Often people carry their makeup mistakes to older age and they can quickly start adding more years to your look then.

Don’t try to copy the makeup styles from the 20-year olds since their skin isn’t yet as mature as yours is. There are a lot of good makeup tips at the Makeup Geek website. Check these tips to ensure you aren’t making your style seem older just by using makeup the wrong way.


About The Author:

Karen is interested in trends and style and how dressing up the right way can influence the way other people perceive us. She also loves to read more about the influence colours can have on our mood and is passionate about flowers.

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Hair Straightener Give-away: OzHead Caption Competition Time

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Caption This Funny Christmas Photo

Christmas Caption Competition

OzHead are having another Christmas Give-Away! You can nab yourself a brand new OzHead MKIII Straightener just by coming up with a funny caption for our OzHead Christmas party photo, we even had a visit from old Santa Claus himself. Of course everybody’s favourite OzHead mascot was stealing the show, but we also got photo-bombed by this random dog. We still don;t know where he came from or where he went, maybe he was a spy? We’ll never know.

Anyway, leave your captions ion the comments below or on our Facebook page, after the competition ends, we’ll go through and select our favourites and choose a winner and random from those selected. Keep it clean people, this is a family friendly site. Love to you all and good luck!

Aussie Power!

The competition ends 1pm on Friday the 13th of December, (ooh spooky) winners will be annouced around 6pm the same day. Good luck people, and remember have fun!

Here are a couple more photos from the Christmas party you might enjoy. 😀

Christmas Party at OzHead HQ
Oh Oscar you crazy crazy dude!
Christmas Dog
Christmas Party goes Crazy

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Christina Aguilera’s Amazing New Look

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Christina Aguilera

Incredible Transformation

Revealed to us in a report by In just one year the super star Christina Aguilera has reportedly lost a very impressive 22 Kilograms and looks stunning for it. We certainly still loved Christian even as a big a beautiful woman, but her new look certainly brings back the memories of the Christina Aguilera we all know and love from her heyday as one of the world’s most desired pop princesses.

Christina almost looked like a different woman when she strolled on to the red carpet at the 2013 American Music Awards (AMAs) in comparison to her appearance at last years event.

The 32-year-old singer stunned onlookers in her fabulous white Maria Lucia Hohan dress featuring side cut-outs and a thigh-high slit pair with a shining pair of heels to match.

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera stunning onlooking in this beautiful white dress.

The incredible transformation has left many critics completely speechless and proves she’s been working hard on her image.

But while the Genie In A Bottle currently looks hotter than ever, Aguilera maintained a positive outlook throughout the criticism she received after gaining weight.
“I’ve been criticised for being on both sides of the scale. It’s noise I block out automatically. I love my body. My boyfriend loves my body. My son [four-year-old Max] is healthy and happy, so that’s all that matters to me,” Said Aguilera to Marie Claire during an interview last year.

Aguilera is said to have been helped with her new look by working with a personal trainer. Is currently sticking to a strict diet. Limiting her alcohol consumption and generally staying away from all those naughty, but tasty treats and everything bad for you.

We wish Miss Aguilera the greatest success with her new regime and hope she can keep it up. What do you think about Christian’s new look? Do you like it as much as us? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

As an added bonus we’ve included Christian’s single “Your Body” in a video below.

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